Carn Brea Basset Monument (v.1)



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This was an experiment to see whether the photos of these four synths would combine:

2008 09 22
Carn Brea Monument, Cornwall
by synth-o-matic

2008 09 22
Carn Brea Castle, Cornwall
by synth-o-matic

2011 04 03
Carn Brea, Cornwall, UK
by daisy-dcat

2012 05 06
Basset Monument, Carn Brea, CORNWALL
by Dwayne Hendy

Sadly, synth-o-matic did not upload their full resolution images, so many of them do not connect to Dwayne Hendy's where they otherwise ought.

I may be able to coax a few more into connecting by editing the exposure of the photos.

Photosynth has a small bug, I've noticed, where it sometimes does not attribute the correct photo author information in a large group synth.

One more edit that needs to be made is to rename the local files in a chronological manner so that using full stop and comma to go through the synth works as intended.

I'm also thinking that I should try to leave out the photos of the castle and stick to the monument.
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