SciFoo 2008 schedule and dramatis personae



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This synth combines a series of closeup shots of the program board and the people board, which are ideal subjects for multiscale browsing. Scifoo, like the rest of the foo camps, is an 'un-conference', at which the attendees make up the program on the first evening while milling around holding drinks. The bulletin board with the colorful pieces of paper on it is that self-organized talk schedule. To the left of it is another bulletin board with paper slips for each attendee, showing our mugshots and the answers to a couple of questions (photos and scrawled answers collected at the registration desk). The un-conference model works surprisingly well, and is starting to get liberally copied.
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Date Created 8/10/2008

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ianj Over 1 year ago
try zooming into the picutre board
Pabloncho Over 1 year ago
easitly the best demonstration of a synth so far.
hunnuli Over 1 year ago
very nice show .. compliement! :) I hope not your last synth! ;)
kain067 Over 1 year ago
On that first evening, do people stand around drinking the Kool-Aid?
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