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This synth is an attempt to connect VE imagery with real snapshots. The trick I used can be easily seen in the image:

I took an aerial view of the Smith Tower and superimosed it directly on the VE equivlent. I also have the original images in the Synth. The VE images match to the outer portion of the image, while the aerial shots match to the inner portion.

As you can see (except for the outer most images - Photosynth has some problem with extreme zooms), I can connect Seattle to a map of the whole world.

Cool huh?
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Date Created 8/29/2008

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blaise Over 1 year ago
Beautiful trick :)
Hurraa Over 1 year ago
This is very beautiful.
maarek20 Over 1 year ago
idea is really great:) More please;)
W4B Over 1 year ago
Yes, very cool, thanks
TheGift73 Over 1 year ago
Great job.
soumith Over 1 year ago
awesome idea!!! great work!!!
freakyncheeky Over 1 year ago
lostinthetriangle Over 1 year ago
Very nice, I like the idea of using VE with pictures
fatal_lee Over 1 year ago
Thanks very much for looking at my little synth..... :) This is amazing.......
M-arcus Over 1 year ago
great idea and nice synth!
noname123 Over 1 year ago
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