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Three generations of art was displayed at the Hoffner Branch of the Orange County Libraries on January 10, 2008. It included several of the works of Charles Geotis, (1928–1987), Lisa Geotis Ikegami (1964 - ) and Sarah Ikegami (1991 - ). Charles Geotis was a colorful and legendary artist and visionary. Geotis, the son of Greek immigrants and U.S. Marine Corps veteran, began formal studies in fine art but then pursued a career in sales. The late Mr. Geotis, widely known in his time for his ingenuity both in industry and business, was incarcerated for 9 months in federal prison; the exhibit will feature a sampling of his hundreds of cartoons he created during this time, for which he was published in the New Yorker Magazine.

Lisa Geotis Ikegami, daughter of Geotis, was mentored in art by her father throughout her childhood. She pursued a career in architecture, earning a master’s degree in 1993, designing and managing several commercial facilities with firms in the Orlando area. Lisa recently gave up working in the architecture field and began a singular and unique fine art career. Her works show a lifetime of artistic vision, taking the insights gained through her connection with her father, the design sensibilities developed in her graduate studies and architecture career, and her recent exploration in music. The exhibit will feature several of Lisa’s works in differing media, from charcoal to oil painting, and includes her most recent studies in chalk pastel.

Lisa’s daughter Sarah, age 17, unfortunately never met her grandfather Charlie but has inherited his passion and vision. She has a natural gift for art, and began creating complex works at a very early age. She was taught informally by her mother, and throughout school has won several art honors, including her work at Interlochen Arts Camp. Sarah is now an honors student in her junior year at The Geneva School in Winter Park, and is planning to attend college after graduation in pursuit of a career in art. The exhibit will feature several unique works of this student artist who no doubt has a very successful career awaiting.
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