Garden July



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Back Garden taken at the end of July.
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Date Created 7/27/2009

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Nathanael Over 1 year ago
I love this little synth. It's so cozy.
Steve_Astro Over 1 year ago
Thanks Nathanael, this is my first synth so not too sure why some of the photos have been orphaned? Or are not quite where I would expect them? However the software is amazing and I can’t wait to synth some more images.
Nathanael.Lawrence Over 1 year ago
Orphaned images happen when the nearest photo(s) to the orphaned photo(s) are simply at too different an angle or distance for Photosynth to recognise them as the same object. In cases where the subject matter is something fairly resistant to change (e.g. a brick wall) you can simply go back and snap a few more photos in between the two photos that you wish to marry together. Making a new synth with these included should do the trick.

In cases where the subject is unavailable for reshooting (e.g. the flowers have withered, or you are no longer in vacation where the photos were taken) you can try a bit of a trick. Where you have a wide shot and a close up that you hope to match together you can make a copy of the wide angle photo and crop out the part that matches the subject of the close up. The reason this works is that although Photosynth uploads your full resolution photos, it only uses 2 megapixel versions of them to do the matching (for performance reasons).
Nathanael.Lawrence Over 1 year ago
Making a copy of the wide shot and cropping out the subject of the close up gives Photosynth permission to scan that full area of the cropped detail for details when you re-synth. (This is assuming your wide angle photos are higher than 2 megapixels, which I'm sure they are.) The cropped piece is guaranteed to match its parent image and if all goes well, it will also match the close up, thus providing a way to tie the environment back together.

This 'trick' can help you in cases where there is simply no possibility of taking more coverage but it is much more desirable to simply be able to take interim photos manually.

As I'm sure you may have already noticed, the second icon from the right will take you to 'grid view' of your photos and will help you quickly gain an understanding of how your photos have grouped and thus which areas need 'bridge' photos in order to tie together.

Sorry to overload you with information. :) In any case, I still enjoyed your synth.
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