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Turda Salt Mine is one of the most important salt mines in Transylvania, one of the largest in Europe. Turda's salt deposit was put into systematic operation of the deposit, by underground mining work, during the Roman conquest. It ceased activity in 1932, to be used as an anti-air
craft shelter during the Second World War.

The salt was extracted as clods, which were then cut by specialist workers. The mines were lit by candles and tallow rush lights. Explosives were never used for exploitation, nor mechanical equipment for cutting the salt.

Salt was exploited in rooms of 17-34m (56-112 feet) depth and 10-12m (33-39 feet) width, disposed one near the other and separated by a safety consolidation. The salt mine with its impressive galleries, long tunnels and mining system, great accoustics and very healthy microclimate is well worth a visit.
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