Our house a foggy autumnday (semi closeup 300mm)



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I had just taken down some trees and decide to make a pano today in sunshine and fresh autumn colours and this is wat I woke up to see. We had got our first snow. I kept to my plans and broke about every rule I've made up obout shooting panos. It shall be sunny, a clear air and good visability. Otherwise a gigapixel pano is meaningless. I hope it's accepable anyway.
It looks desolate in this picture and the closest neighbour is about 150 metres but then there are ca 150 houses around in a 1,5 km radius. And to the right it use to be some horses that belongs to the nearest neighbour but now he has dug down a hose for geothermal energy so it looks like a battlefield.
Our house is built 1910 according to the papers but some says it is older. The main part of the building is 5,5 by 14 metres and is 2 floors high (1,5). It's only 2 metres to the ceiling on top floor. On backside to the left is a housepart 5 by 5 metres (one floor) and on backside to the right i've recantly built a part 5 by 5 one floor. The underground storehouse to the left is outside my ground, belonging to the village.
Meta data:ISO-400 F/14 1/250 sek
Gigapixels 1.24
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Date Created 10/14/2012

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csimmons22 Over 1 year ago
Great photo! The detail is amazing! I especially love how the reflection of the house is in focus in the driveway puddle near the bottom of the photo. You can read the welcome sign on the door! Keep breaking rules, this is a wonderful shot!
Lassehybo Over 1 year ago
Thank you for the nice words. Now maybe I dare to brake my rule about not to make a pano with the sun shining in the camera but on my back. Your comment also made me realise that the welcome sign is in english and not in swedish. Homeblindness I think it's called. Thanks again.
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