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I took this synth on a small plane. Myself, Nathan and David from the Photosynth team and a pilot friend of Photosynth: Peter, flew into the North Cascade range for some exploration. It was a perfect day, completely calm, with beautiful light and just the right amount of mist in the valleys below us. We finished off with a circuit of Mount Baker, resulting in this synth. David and Nathan were taking wider angle shots at the same time and we plan on combining them into one uber synth.

Be sure to check out the point cloud on this synth.

Taken August 24, 2009
Mount Baker Wilderness Area, Washington

You can see more of my photography at:
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Date Created 8/25/2009

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Nathan Over 1 year ago
Nice work Tony!
Scott Over 1 year ago

I'm sure that if Nathan had more cameras and a better seat on the plane, his synth would have been just as good. ;-)
Nathanael Over 1 year ago
Nice shooting. This should make an excellent update to the current black and white coverage Bing Maps currently offers.
BAlvarius Over 1 year ago
Excellent, an upward view is unexpected in aerial photographs and brings a whole new dimension to aerial photography and the addition of photosynth allowing viewer navigation around the object enhances the effect. The aircraft allows the photographer to paint the scene any way they like. Next time tell the pilot closer, closer to the rocks (to get those closeup views without zooming) and watch the reaction. Glad to hear the weather conditions cooperated, aerial photography in windy conditions is difficult but not much fun.

Were the doors off for photography?
Nathanael Over 1 year ago
So... is this licensed as public domain, then? I'm not seeing any license symbol.
tbenedict Over 1 year ago
Awesome job!!

Man, the point cloud on this is freakin' unreal. And I love the really comprehensive set of highlights.

Seriously nice work. I really enjoy seeing your stuff here.
TonyErnst Over 1 year ago
BAlvarius - no the doors were not off. Just had a big lens shade, tried to get as close to the glass and shot as perpendicular to the glass as possible.

tbenedict - thanks for the compliments on the point cloud and highlights. If you really like it you should favorite it - I notice you've only favorited two synths :).

Nathanael - it's copyrighted. It would be less confusing if we showed the symbol automatically. Ill put in a bug for this.
The.Rev Over 1 year ago
Really cool point cloud. Loving it!
Joshua Over 1 year ago
This looks great! Nice work
Kanga Over 1 year ago
I see the new viewer fixes the copyright display. Does it still only use the 'Author' tags, rather than what's in the 'Copyright' field?

Also, how is that uber-synth coming?
Mister_Blondie Over 1 year ago
Okay... now I'm wondering what I have to do to get work flying round in a plane shooting scenery...
gspaceman Over 1 year ago
Wow! Great Synth!! Love the Point Cloud. Seems like a great concept for some mountaineering beta.
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