Basset Monument, Carn Brea, Cornwall (Re-Upload)



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This synth was originally uploaded by Dwayne Hendy here:

I'm doing a little troubleshooting for him to try to get his synth up to 100% synthy.

This is just a preliminary re-upload (to make sure that the versions that were on his Photosynth account behaved in the same manner as the originals from his camera since Photosynth always reduces image quality to 80% of the originals) to be followed by test edits.

Yes, these behave as his originals. In 2D View|Grid Mode it is easy to see that images 1, 2, 142, and 143 do not link to the main reconstruction, although they do form two small pairs - 1 linking to 2 and 142 linking to 143.

I will first try cropping out the monument from 1, 2, 142, and 143 and adding all the originals plus those four crops to see whether the crops can bridge the gap between their originals|parents and the main cluster.

I'll try three different exposures of the crops individually to see what differences they have on the results.

1st: Original exposure crops

2nd: Semi equalized histogram + saturated

3rd: Harsh light to draw out monument details
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Date Created 5/2/2013

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