ruin of a windmill Windsor



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The ruin of hunting-seat Windsor also known as "Vetrak". There was a windmill in half of 19 century. The last owner of this mill - miller Kunze - was arested in 1866 for a few weeks. There was a war between Austria and Prusia that year. The miller rolled up the vane to get better wind and he was susspected by austrian authorities of transmiting information about Austrian units to Prusia. The building was bought and rebuilt by Tschinkel family in 1870. This family was one of richiest families in neighbourhood. They started their career in 1847, when they moved to Lovosice from Schoenfeld. Tschinkels established a lot of companies in Lovosice, including Deli - food factory which is in production since 1856. They declared bankruptcy in 1885 and their property was sold. The place was quickly abandoned and wasteaway.
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mattu Over 1 year ago
Well shot. I really like your initial view.
Jan.Vegso Over 1 year ago
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