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Date Created 12/8/2010

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Nathanael Over 1 year ago
I like it! I'd love to see you shoot more in this direction.

I know it may seem redundant at first to take so many photos of each object, but once you realize that you have a way to let someone come along and look at anything in the room from any angle that you took time to shoot, it's pretty powerful.

Also, notice the little handle arrows. If you click and hold down the mouse button and drag the handle left and right, you'll be able to rotate any object that's been circled in this manner to view different photos.

This is, I think, also your first really solid point cloud. The point cloud is actually what is meant to provide the larger context when not many neighbour images have been calculated for the current image.

Hold the [Ctrl] key to temporarily show the point cloud or use the [P] key to toggle from Photos Only to Photos + Points to Points Only and back around again.

Also, give the old Direct3D Photosynth whose link is under the map icon a go.
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