Akbar's Agra fort in Agra, India



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The fabled Akbar ruled from his fort in Agra. It's a building with a rolling architecture, built and rebuilt and expanded again and again, and so when building finally ceased at the arrival of the East India Company, the once-simple fort resembled a more labyrinthine palace with every possible courtyard and passageway in which to lose oneself.

I got lost, and rather than panicking, I let my family do the searching while I got some great shots of this insular area.

press the globe at the bottom to view a satellite image of this courtyard. Press P to toggle through picture and point cloud views.
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Date Created 6/21/2009

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TonyErnst Over 1 year ago
Please add a geotag! Just click the globe icon to the right of the synth. Thanks.
ajay.ganapathy Over 1 year ago
Will do! I found that the trick to making a great synth is simply to take 10mp or larger photos - and also do the commonsense - take photos the way you would take a panoramic.

I'll place the geotag for all of my India synths.
ajay.ganapathy Over 1 year ago
Agra fort, Agra, India, Geotagged
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