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Source Of Fund

The blue print gave an estimate of the total funds needed for rebuilding Aceh dan Nias up to Rp 60 Trillion. Due to the development in the field, the fund required was estimated to be Rp 74,8 Trillion.

The source of the funding is solely fulfilled by the State budget (APBN) Rp 25,5 Trillion until the end of year 2007. For the rest, it was planned to be fulfilled by 2008-2009 APBN, public and private contributions, donor agencies, international NGOs, multilateral cooperation agencies and The United Nations. In general, the source fund for reconstructing Aceh and Nias came from the following sources:

1. State Budget (APBN)

2. Non-APBN that consisted of state and international financial institutions, public and private, local and international NGOs, bilateral aid, multilateral aid and The United Nations.

Until July 2007, BRR had received committed funds from non-APBN sources up to Rp 31,7 Trillion. BRR had also mobilized funds through Recovery Aceh Nias Trust Fund (RANTF), that has received to gain funds (managed fund) up to Rp 140 billion.

As such the total commitment gained from APBN and Non-APBN fundings up to the end of year 2007, reached a total of Rp 57,2 trillion. That amount is equal with 76 percent total funds required for rehabilitation and reconstruction.
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