Occupy Portland from Burnside Bridge



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WE ARE THE 99%! Today people in Portland, OR from all walks of life joined those in New York City on Wall Street protesting the national calamity that has befallen America and the entire world. Recognizing that this finacial calamity is a manufactured crisis, orchestrated by a financial sector that, in the words of President George W. Bush (after he told reporters to turn off their microphones), "Got drunk and lost control". Well, we are still feeling their hangover. They managed to walk away from their party with boatloads of cash despite their incompetence, and everyday Americans picked up the tab. Enough is enough.

This photographer fully supports the current President's American Jobs Bill and believes that the very least that must be done is to end the "temporary" Bush Tax Cuts of 2001 & 2003 for the wealthiest 1%, or 400 families.

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Occupy Portland is a nonviolent movement for accountability in the United States government. At 12PM on October 6th, 2011 we will assemble at Tom McCall Waterfront Park, North Waterfront Park and Ankeny Plaza, at The Pavilion in Portland, OR where Saturday Market touches the river, just south of the Burnside Bridge. If you are coming from the MAX, get off at Skidmore fountain and walk east to the Waterfront. We will be near the fountain.

We will gather in solidarity with the ongoing protest in New York City, Occupy Wall Street, and the growing number of cities whose people will no longer sit back watching corporate and special interests run their government. We are citizens of the United States, and this country is ours. We will take it back.

It is no longer enough to vote and to participate in the political system because our political system has been altered drastically from its intended and proper function. Currently, we are allowed to pick from a few candidates whose campaigns are funded more and more by large organizations, corporations, and special interests. The success of their campaigns depends largely on how the corporate mass media presents them. When our elected officials enter office they then pander to the small groups responsible for their election. Even good men and women cannot make real improvements that benefit the American people.

We are one city in a growing national movement of people who no longer feel that their government works in their best interest. We will assemble on October 6th to demonstrate peaceful, substantive democracy and work for real change.

Our government is divided. We, the people, are united.
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