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The church was built in the 11 century
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Date Created 11/15/2009

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overthemoon1 Over 1 year ago
My best yet, very pleased with the effect!
The village where this was taken has dissapeared. The site is rumoured to be haunted
Nathanael Over 1 year ago
By jove, I believe you've got it! =]

Great job with the highlights. The information in them adds quite a bit to the experience.

The point cloud really began to take on the shape of the place in this version, too. Overhead view provides a good mental reference to the photos for those of us who aren't as familiar with the location.

I wonder what happens if you make a new synth using all the photos that you used for this synth but adding the photos you took for earlier versions of the church in alongside them. =]
overthemoon1 Over 1 year ago
Great idea, will try and see
mvitbras Over 1 year ago
Great to share part of the history for the rest of the world too!!!!
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