KON-TIKI Museum-Oslo(II) pano 360 + related synth



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Kon-Tiki (after the Inca Sun god) is the balsa raft used by norwegian explorer and writer Thor Heyerdhal in his 1947 expedition across the Pacyfic Ocean from South America to the Polynesian Islands. Heyerdhal believed that the people from South America could have settled Polynesia in pre-Columbian times.

In 1969 and 1970, Hayerdhal built two boats named "Ra" (after the Egyptian Sun god) from papyrus based on dravings from ancient Egypt and attemted to cross the Atlantic Ocean from Marocco in Africa. The boat "Ra II" reached Barbados, thus demonstrating that marines could have dealt with trans-Atlantic voyages by saling with Canary Current.

Technical information:
Canon5D 12,9mpx, ISO100, Canon24-105L at 30mm, multipoint AF, manual exp., f16, 30s each shot, tripod with"nodal" head, 62 shots RAW, ICE stitcher.

Improvments in version II:
Color balance changed from 2000K to 2800K, RAW files used(beter resolution)

My related synth ( 677shots!!!! ):
Megapixels 314.70
Views 2283
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Date Created 1/18/2012

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NateLawrence Over 1 year ago
I love the technical excellence of your panoramas.
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