Palouse Falls



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Palouse Falls at sunset
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Date Created 3/18/2010

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douglas Over 1 year ago
Love the way the waterfall and pool of water looks. Did you change the colours at all in an image editing program or these are just the raw photos?
adrianwa Over 1 year ago
Awesome pano!
cmullins Over 1 year ago
I think these colors are original, but it's been a few years since I took the original images, so I'm honestly not 100% certain.

I frequently shoot with filters (such as the Singh-Ray Gold-N-Blue polarizer) which skews colors fairly signifigantly.
Flying_Scotscam Over 1 year ago
Stunning, stunning images!!! Would love to shoot in a location like this.
Rick Over 1 year ago
Beautiful! It is hard to believe that the colors are so vibrant, but I guess you've already commented on that.

I'll have to get out to that part of Eastern Washington some day. Who knew we had such a treasure?
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