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This stone sits on top of what is thought to be a burial mound, in a field west of Fountains Abbey, nr Ripon, North Yorkshire.

Small indentations at the tree end of the stone look typical of carved ‘cup marks’, generally believed to date from the late Neolithic to early Bronze Age (approx 6000-4000 yrs ago). Although a number of veins, possibly iron, are present on the stone, the profile of the cups would suggest they’re unlikely to be formed by concretive or nodular action.

At the other end of the stone a square basin and channel of unknown provenance has been cut by a metal tool. Although the reason for this basin is not known, a number of suggestions have been put forward such as mediaeval cross base, socket stone, basin, calfing stone or plague stone (usually circular, but some had channels cut)

The stone has been dislodged by the growing tree, which itself is believed to be around 150 yrs old (by girth measurement).
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Fred_Oxford Over 1 year ago
it is real fun to navigate around the green point cloud - great work!
PGRic Over 1 year ago
thanks Fred, wish I'd gone round the full tree trunk as well
dariusmonsef Over 1 year ago
It looks like the stone and trunk are artificially green. (P.S. could you geotag this?)
PGRic Over 1 year ago
Sorry darius, I think the landowner would prefer the location to stay rough.
David-Photosynth-Team Over 1 year ago
This is what Photosynth is perfect for. The details are wonderful, and seeing them in context makes all the difference. Thank you PGRic.
Fred_Oxford Over 1 year ago
The green...real moss common to the UK and Ireland....yes it would have been even more stunning if you could have done the tree trunk...
EdLee Over 1 year ago
Nice, PGRic. What resolution(s) were the photos?
PGRic Over 1 year ago
Ed, a combination of 2 cameras; 2256 x 1486 & 3648 x 2736
EdLee Over 1 year ago
PGRic, thanks for the info. Which cameras? Nice D-SLR's with nice lenses? :)
PGRic Over 1 year ago
Ed, a Konica Minolta Dynax 5D (called Maxxum in US) with the bundled 18-55mm lens, and a Canon Powershot A640. I shoot using as narrower apertures as possible to shutter speeds of 1/60.
lostinthetriangle Over 1 year ago
Wow, so green (detail and the point cloud are great!)
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