Two Old D955H Caterpillar Bulldozers



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Two Old D955H Caterpillar Bulldozers. I have over 1500 photos but could only manage to synth under 1000. Was really trying for an even better cloud point.
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Date Created 3/8/2009

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lostinthetriangle Over 1 year ago
I added some more detail, could not synth more than 1000 pictures even with 6megs of ram and 64 bit os!

thought I would save the comments from my previous cat synth.............

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K (10 days ago) delete
the point cloud in this synth is unbelievable!

LikeRain (10 days ago) delete

lostinthetriangle (10 days ago) delete
Thanks, I put up a test this weekend and then decided to go back add some more detail. I like vehicles, but photosynth seems to have problems with "shiny" things so I thought "how about rusty things".

PGRic (10 days ago) delete
bl**dy hell, that point cloud is impressive.

Yep, shiny is bad for photosyth, having said that, laser scans and photogrammetric apps struggle with shiny too.

dariusmonsef (9 days ago) delete
Rusty things do tend to turn out well."
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