Spice Shop in the Souq of Aswan (Egypt) - 360° Panorama



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The exotic atmosphere of Aswan’s back-street souqs is one of the city’s highlights. Although the fabulous caravans no longer pass this way, the colour and activity of these markets and stalls recall those romantic times. On wandering through the small, narrow alleyways one might see, hear, smell and taste life as it has been for many centuries. From the souq of Aswan, a visitor can pick up everything from scents, spices, perfumes and scarves, to baskets and fine alabaster. Although the shop owner looks quite grim, together with my guide Monzer from Aswan we had a lot of fun arranging the shop for taking the 360° panorama image.
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Date Created 12/3/2010

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douglas Over 1 year ago
Fantastic panorama - did you keep the shop owner past closing time :), he's not looking too happy.
ThomasKrueger.eu Over 1 year ago
Perhaps because I was in front of the small TV set... No, it just seems that he looks angry, we had a lot of fun taking the pictures together with my guide from Aswan, a friend of him.
jsynth Over 1 year ago
Amazing and inspiring. I can just imagine the aroma. How on earth did you complete the panorama from top to toe without any sign of yourself - it’s magic.
ThomasKrueger.eu Over 1 year ago
@jsynth: The picture was taken with a Nikon 10.5 fisheye on a Canon 5D and a monopod using a wooden bracket http://bit.ly/eo1rjq
jsynth Over 1 year ago
Thanks for coming back to me. Fascinating. I shall continue with my standard tripod for the moment but it is good to kmow how the professionals like yourself do it.
ThomasKrueger.eu Over 1 year ago
Have a look at http://wiki.panotools.org/Heads and at point "4 Self made" at the bottom of this page.
Monzer Over 1 year ago
Dear Mr. Kruger Happy new year
I'd like to thank you for the photos, I tried to locate the shop on bing maps but I didn't know how to save it and send the link for you.
can you tell me how to do it?
Your Friend from Aswan
ThomasKrueger.eu Over 1 year ago
Hello Abdullah,
put a placemark on the location with Google Earth and send me the GPS coordinates.
ThomasKrueger.eu Over 1 year ago
The GPS coordinates are correct now thanks to Abdullah Monzer.
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