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This synth is a companion to my "Moon House" synth. (Should be in the related synths below.) I made this one because the hoodoo (the rock pinnacle) on the point of the canyon is so compelling. Photosynth couldn't resolve Moon House with all the shots of the hoodoo, so I did the two subjects separately.

I took these photos of the Moon House hoodoo in McLoyd's Canyon on the morning of Saturday, October 25th, 2008. Moon House was one of the stops I made as a friend took me on a guided tour of ruins and natural sites on Cedar Mesa near Blanding, Utah.

Moon House is an amazing site. There is a section of the ruins INSIDE the visible face of the ruins. It is in that interior section where visitors can see the moons of Moon House.

For more information on Moon House, paste one of these links into your browser:
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jimcseke Over 1 year ago
My second oldest son is coming down for the holidays. I've talked to him about photosynth, as I have to many other people. So far not one single person has even attempted to check it out. It seems like you have to drop a computer in front of some people and say "Look at this. This is something that you could do."
Anyway back to my son. In my "favorites" I have some synths which I plan on showing him. Basically I will be sitting him in front of my computer and telling him that this is something he could do. Of those synths I will be showing him, yours will be among the ones I know will impress him. And hopefully he will become a synther like his Dad.
I also have an older son and a younger daughter I plan on ambushing with this site and your synths.
Just thought i'd let you know.
jimcseke Over 1 year ago
P.S. I've given up on my wife, she hates computers altogether.
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