Oregon Veterans Medal of Honor Memorial



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Date Created 4/21/2010

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don.d.kim Over 1 year ago
Great job!
It very nice that you took the time to carefully circle every object in this scene and it really paid off in the result.

Overhead mode and the point cloud are particularly impressive on this one :)
Nathanael Over 1 year ago
Thanks for the kind words. =)

Although circling things is nothing new, circling everything is sort of my signature (unless I'm trying to synth something huge) and the pointclouds almost never fail to impress.

There are perhaps more quick shortcuts to getting nice pointclouds, but I circle everything so that other people's photos will be able to quickly latch onto whatever I'm synthing in the future when we are able to link our synths together.

I like to capture the structure of things from as wide a variety of angles as possible so that others' photos have a nice home to nest in. If I do my job right, the computer is likely to quickly recognise any part of the environment in their photos because I have described it so thoroughly with mine.

When I finish with an object, there aren't too many angles left that anyone could shoot it from that would be too dissimilar to mine in order to match.
Nathanael Over 1 year ago
I realised right after I posted this that I was telling all of the above to a Photosynth team member. Whoops.
don.d.kim Over 1 year ago
No problem. I'm just another photo enthusiast here. Its always interesting to hear how other people take photographs, and it seems like you've definitely found an effective method.
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