Sacred Heart Church - Ken and Mabel's Wedding



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During Ken and Mabel's wedding at the Sacred Heart Church in Bellevue, Washington, I took a few pictures of the church and during the wedding ceremony. Viewing this PhotoSynth, you can re-live the ceremony in a much more interactive experience.

Don't forget to use the mouse wheel to zoom in the see the details of each high res pictures.

This synth was featured in USA Today. You can see the synth of the newspaper article here:

Or click on the link above (my name "Lit") to see all my synth collections.
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Date Created 8/18/2008

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hhsicily Over 1 year ago
It's "fun" how PS couldn't recognize the volume of the room (you can see this watching the point cloud) because there were no photos aiming to the sides of it :D
Peters_WorkShop Over 1 year ago
No, there was :)
look again and hover with your mouse
greg_downing Over 1 year ago
It is interesting that the point cloud extends down and behind the stage. I think this is due to the photosynth reconstructing the from the reflection in the floor.
carolb Over 1 year ago
This is absolutely fabulous for a Web 2.0 tool. Great visuals with stills. NICE!
zaghy2zy Over 1 year ago
Wow, this synth give us a good idea how to use those wedding pictures and other pictures of some occasions :)
m8 Over 1 year ago
This synth's great!
I hope I'll make synths as beautiful as yours!

Great job ;)
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