Late Rock Garden



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Our Mother's Day excursion.

From the website:
IN JAPAN, flat expanses of raked gravel, with little more than a few well chosen rocks carefully placed here and there, were the legacy of the early Zen rock garden which represented a tumbling waterfall. Laid out beside residence halls at Zen temples, these later rock gardens called ‘dry landscapes’ (karesansui) took abstraction of nature to an extreme never before seen in garden design. Almost devoid of plants, such gardens challenge our Western notions of what gardens should be, while their uniqueness as landscape designs have made them the most widely recognized of all Japanese garden types.
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Nathanael Over 1 year ago
Nice job! In this particular case, you might want to consider uploading these shots to the site as a stitched panorama, using Microsoft Research ICE ( ) or Adobe Photoshop ( ). There is also a panorama uploading app for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad2 ( ).

The Photosynth site holds two different sorts of imagery: photosynths (or synths for short) and panoramas (or panos for short). This is a synth and the beauty of a synth is that it can handle moving all the way around things or all through a building, or watch people as they move around a room. Synths also try to build a rough 3D model (a point cloud) of all of the stationary parts of the scenery, but it needs to look all around something to understand the shape.

For times when you just want to stand in one place and look around you, panoramas are probably the better fit.

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