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This is a 507 image stitch done in Microsoft ICE. It was shot with a Canon 1ds MarkIII and a custom pan/tilt head.

This was shot on Friday May 30th, 2008 as part of the Yosemite Extreme Panorama Project: http://hdview.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!1AD33AA162CE96C2!611.entry

So far I've been able to find 35 climbers, all added as highlights. If anyone out there knows who was climbing El Cap. on that day I'd love to caption the highlights with names. Also, if you find more climbers please send me a link by clicking 'share' under the photo.

This image looks tilted because this pano is all above the horizon and the Photosynth viewer does a perspective tilt to center the image on the screen. See the flickr version for a more "tilt-shift" effect also generated in ICE: http://www.flickr.com/photos/72497394@N00/4471771177/
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Date Created 3/28/2010

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xRez_Studio Over 1 year ago
Fantastic image! You can almost visualize the routs by following the climbers.
zmb Over 1 year ago
Anyone know what the how high the tallest point is on El Capitan?
Spider-Schwein Over 1 year ago
Great Work
Aujawandijar Over 1 year ago
Found a climber not marked on the synth;)
mattu Over 1 year ago
@Aujawandijar. Wow. Where? You can post a link via the 'Share' icon when you are zoomed in on the mystery climber.
Aujawandijar Over 1 year ago
Like your synth! What an amazing wall this El Capitan. The mystery climber wasnt easy to find, but I was looking at the mountain structure and there he was. Ciao
mattu Over 1 year ago
Thanks! I've added climber 40. I was giving my son $1 for every new climber that he found. I guess I owe you a dollar :)
mattu Over 1 year ago
Wow, yes you did. There were two more over there. Right in plain site too.
mattu Over 1 year ago
Hi MagiView - I think that that is the same as 'climber 36'
howardcobb Over 1 year ago
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