Vetter Overlook, ANF



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Remains of the Vetter Fire Watch Tower and Overlook, burned in the Station Fire of 2009. Angeles National Forest, California.
Megapixels 298.85
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Date Created 1/3/2012

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Michio Over 1 year ago
Beautifully done!! I guess it is very difficult to
keep sky image like this, because there are almost no object to keep connection amongst images.
AngelesCrest Over 1 year ago
Thank you Michio, but with Microsoft's ICE program it is rather easy. With the right equipment, there is an option to generate the spherical in "Structured" mode. Since I use an indexed pano-head (a 303SPH Manfrotto), this shot was from a 24mm lens and contained 61 images. The hard part is the cloud movement.
henryhtoro Over 1 year ago
great work again but I can't get your results using MS ICE. little help?

AngelesCrest Over 1 year ago
Henrytoro, did you read the FB message I sent?

Looking at your first post on Photosynth, it looks like your nodal position my be off a bit. W/o knowing what you are using for your equipment, it is hard to give you a silver-bullet fix.

Can you take a pic of your setup, with the camera in place and post it to FB. That'll help a lot.
AngelesCrest Over 1 year ago
Also, IMO, your series is overexposed by about 1/2 to 2/3 of a stop. I shoot almost everything at least 1/2 stop under, and if it is a dark or high contrast scene, I'll shoot it HDR with 3 to 7 exposures per field. This one here, was NOT shot HDR, and I kinda wish I had...
Sairus Over 1 year ago
Lovely beautiful capture !
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