Devastator MkII



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Attempt #2 at synthing this model
Synthy 96%
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Date Created 2/4/2011

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NateLawrence Over 1 year ago
I'd love to see these figures shot where the figure stays still on the surface and the camera moves around them, rather than keeping the camera in one place and turning the figure in front of it.

As things are, Photosynth doesn't know what to make of the stationary background and moving figurine.
tchu Over 1 year ago
That's what I intend to do, with a friend of mine doing the photography. This was just me testing the upload and structure of photosynth so I could show the model to a friend without having to be a wall of photos.

I'll have proper synths up soon, of both Ultramarines and Eldar alike.
nutterguy Over 1 year ago
Let me at them! My 40D want to feed on 40K flesh! :-P
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