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The mind-boggling effects generated by Photosynth led me to look at my office and see whether this would be a good subject - the clutter is the focal point... and of course clutter can never be static. This is all captured in the sequence - the software must have struggled to line up some of the photos - especially when the position of pens, papers and other nick-nacks kept moving!! The myriad of subjects will also hopefully keep most people guessing as to what kind of work is done in this office - assuming of course that any work is done here in the first place!!

Enjoy the adventure of exploring the office

All the photos were taken with a Canon Ixus 960 IS, 12 Mega Pixel camera - some shots were taken with a flash, the others all used the room lighting (night).
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Date Created 1/22/2009

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Fred_Oxford Over 1 year ago
Despite taking out orphans the synthy went down a bit - this sequence shows that the office is not static!
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