Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon, Iceland



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Jökulsárlón is one of the handful of places I've been where I was completely overwhelmed by it's beauty. I clearly remember cresting a hill to get my first view of it, stopping in my tracks and, of all things, laughing like an idiot.

Taken July 2, 2004
Jökulsárlón, Southern Iceland

You can see more of my photography at: http://tonyernst.com
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anigzz Over 1 year ago
tu has tomado personalmente estas fotografias?
TonyErnst Over 1 year ago
Anigizz, if Im translating this correctly your asking if I took all these photos myself. The answer is yes. I've been lucky enought to be able visit some amazing places.
Fred_Oxford Over 1 year ago
Tony, what camera and lens did you use on this?
TonyErnst Over 1 year ago
Fred, I took these photos in 2004 with my first digital SLR the Canon 300D (6MP). The lenses used were a Canon 17-40L for the wide shots, and a Canon 100-400L for the detail shots. You can find exposure info for some of the images in this synth by clicking the thumbnails on the Jökulsárlón page on my website: http://tonyernst.com/gallery.aspx?gallery=joot
tbenedict Over 1 year ago
Was all this done from shore? Or were you out on the water? This covers a lot of ground!

I love the part about the picture being hung upside-down. Those are some remarkably strong reflections! (At least they didn't hang it sideways as an abstract.)

I'm checking out your other Iceland synths. That's been high on my list of places to visit for years, but I've never made it out there.
TonyErnst Over 1 year ago
Tom, these were all taken from land. It's a rather large lake so there's plenty of shoreline to cover.

There's never been a better time to visit Iceland than right now with the Kronur so devalued. It was REALLY expensive when I went back in 2004, especialy for gas.
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