Via Macelli di Soziglia, Genoa (Italy) - 360° Panorama


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This attractive street derives its name from the fact it has been the location for the undecorous meat butchers shops since the mid-twelfth century. In 1319 the construction of the “Luccoli Slaughter house” (still recognisable today at the entrance to the street on account of its traditional black and white façade), was completed, thanks to the financial input of private citizens. On the ground floor were the stalls selling the meat, today converted into shops, with living accommodation above. Even today, there are still along this street many butchers’ shops as in medieval times. Along a short stretch on the upper part of the street there are several fruit and vegetable stalls, fishmongers and butchers. Stopping to smell the air and the odours around this area is an unusual experience that takes you back to a Genoa now almost competely lost from view.
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