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Stereo Panorama 3D reconstruction experiment
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Date Created 2/16/2010

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K Over 1 year ago
This is really cool. This is the one with a 10cm stereo base right? I think Photosynth would prefer a wider base - if you hit P after the points are loaded the scene is very realistic. If you hit T to view from top down you can see that the depth information was limited by the relatively small stereo base.
bvogl Over 1 year ago
Sorry for the misleading information down the path of my posts: There are in summary 3 panoramas from this view:
* Pano 1 and 2 are 10cm apart -> converted to a 3D stereo panorama: http://hdview.at/anaglyph/flakturm2-ana.html
* Pano 1 and 3 use a ~5m stereo base -> used to create this synth
You can best notice the wide stereo base in the Direct3D viewer when zooming out and switching through the images: You will notice how far the viewpoint changes between images from the left and right "eye"
I'll upload the 10cm base images and a mesh of all 3 later this evenening to see how the synths differ...
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