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My insurance company's solicitors want me to get pictures of the accident site where my last car got written off... I thought, seeing as I was already there, already frozen, had free time & still half a memory card & some batteries left that I'd go one better. Here's the result.

The accident happened almost directly opposite the actual garage building (i.e. across the island), by the way. I came along past the community centre & Petecostal Church, entered the island, and as I was just passing the exit that continues down the other side of the church, the 3rd party hove into view entering the roundabout from that direction ... without stopping. Damp road, no time to react, kerblammo. Just lucky for the both of us that we were already going fairly slowly, and at an acute angle to each other, rather than even the road's usual running speed (30-ish mph) and directly side-on.

As you see, the street furniture didn't help. Even at standing height (about 5' 6" / 170cm from the ground), the view between our two entry points is extremely limited. Doesn't take away the fact that if he couldn't see, he should have stopped and made sure, but at least I know he didn't do it on purpose - apart from a split second flash while passing the pedestrian crossing (-assuming- I was in the right position), there's no way he could have known I was there until a second, maybe two, before impact.

This is Heaton Circus, a roundabout on the A4540 Ring Road in Birmingham, more-or-less at the north-west corner. It joins two parts of the A4540 (Icknield Street to the SW, Boulton Middleway to the NE) with Heaton Street, which is nowadays mainly a glorified slip road to the main roundabout junction with the B4100 / A41 (Hockley Flyover / Soho Road). I was going clockwise, if that helps :) And yes, mine is the "retired" Astra sitting in the garage car park, using up the remaining gallon in its tank on one last hurrah before the tax and insurance ran out.

I really like the way the lighting and motion blurs came out here. I just would have liked to maybe have a proper tripod so I could drop the ISO a bit (ISO 800 in my A720IS isn't as bad as it could be, but is still a bit rough) and still get sharper images. The camera shake may confuse Photosynth a bit, I'll have to see. I reckon they're still acceptable quality for the original purpose, as it only needs to illustrate the location & scenery rather than pick out fine details.

Unfortunately several angles are missing which may also affect synthing. At the end the batteries were dying, and I swapped between two equally worn pairs to get the last 40-ish pictures. Which meant using no-display mode, so it was hard to see if they'd taken properly, or at all. Some never took, some were unusably blurred/miscomposed & had to be deleted. I may go back when it's warmer... but these are sufficient for my claim!

All rights reserved just because it's legal documentary evidence and I'd rather not have anyone else messing with it
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tahrey Over 1 year ago
I guess that's come out about as well as could be expected ...

Extra credit available for identifying what the closed-down corner shop's most proudly advertised product line was. Super extra credit for telling me when is was the last time said product was on sale anywhere. I'm thinking "before I was born".
tahrey Over 1 year ago
Look for the "action shots" in the unsynthed pics at the end of the set!

Pics taken 18:30-19:30, Jan 21st, and there's traffic lights out of sight each way on A4540, which is why it's still sporadically busy despite the dark sky. It gets a bit quieter around 20:00, which is when I had the accident back on Dec 16th, so it's fairly representative of the same conditions.

I never realised how the brown sign on the entrance to the island from Boulton Middleway is essentially a photocopy of the one on the exit to Icknield Street, but with a different arrow, until the two of them synthed up accidentally :) Maybe I shouldn't be, but the placement order of destinations on British signs can be pretty random so it wouldn't have been *that* expected.

I deffo need to try it again but in warm sunlight :D

The glowing lump is a road divider bollard, it's actually yellow with a blue sign...
All those ambulances are going to City Hospital a little further up (then off) Ickield St
tahrey Over 1 year ago

Just geotagged it and Live Maps calls it KEY HILL Circus.

First time I've seen that name. Doesn't surprise me though, given that I'm not sure if I've seen two maps so far that agree on the name. I just gave it the most likely one out of the pre-existing options.

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