Time Travel To 19th Century Africa



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Curator's Statement

Title: Time Travel to 19th Century Africa

Theme: In visting the gallery I would like the viewers to appreciate that art is not just paintings it could be so many different things.
Vistors: After vistors have attended the exhibit they should be able to identify how talented the African communty was during the time period. They will be able to name the sculptor's work, the techniques used in their creations, the mediums they worked in, and the time frame they predicted.
Audience:For adults and children
Controversy: The works selected for this exhibit are not known to have caused previous controversy.

Installation Notes
* The colors I would use for the walls are going to be a burnt orange.
*The lighting would be hanging from the ceiling shining down on each piece of the collection.
* The displays are in one room divided into sections.
* I will be using pedestal for the sculptures and the paintings and pieces of clothing will be apart of the hanging objects.

Order: Enter the exhibit the walls left to right wll have the paintings, turnng to the right wall will have pieces of clothing and the Afican scroll hanging, the back wall and left wall will have the the pedestals of sculptures.

Summary: My objects are important to the theme because I wanted to show all types of works from the 19th century. I wanted to display the traditional clothing, scrolls that were very important to the culture, and sculptures to explain how important the Gods were that they prayed to and other spirtual meaning for the sculpture.
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