Santa Barbara Courthouse // Inside and Out [9]



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May take a few minutes to load.

Use Direct3D Viewer for best Point Cloud.

d[13MCM, 4s, 1L]
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Date Created 3/17/2009

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lostinthetriangle Over 1 year ago
I like when the point cloud gets really dense, it then starts to "shimmer" (steps)
madeeds Over 1 year ago
Your hard work is really paying off! Can you geotag it?
EdLee Over 1 year ago
LostinTheTriangle, MaDeeds: Thank you. Yes, I can geotag it, but this is still work in progress... when I finally get a synth that I'm happy to let sit a while, I'll geotag it. In the meantime, MaDeeds, see if you enjoy the Point Cloud of the sculpture (geotagged :) here--
madeeds Over 1 year ago
Yes. Amazing point cloud over there. I grew up just outside of Santa Barbara. I'm looking forward to this synth being on the map.
bitplane Over 1 year ago
Awesome point cloud, nice work!
MottaDesign Over 1 year ago
I've seen the court house in real life, and this photosynth captures everything from the anches to the mural room. nice work!
UnTamedTraveller Over 1 year ago
Very nicely shot! After seeing a few of these PhotoSynths now though, I can't help feeling that the one thing that is missing of course is a SOUNDTRACK. Maybe because of my background in movies. Yeah, I know, though -- the copyright problems... Okay, I'll hum....
Superfurry Over 1 year ago
WOW !!!!
dariusmonsef Over 1 year ago
Thanks for adding the highlights... much easier to get around this giant synth now :)
Ultrasound Over 1 year ago
You are a perfectionist - very very good*
EdLee Over 1 year ago
Thank you, all. Hi Darius, thank you for adding the Highlights feature. That's a very good idea: mark the key frames and not the in-betweeners. :) I look forward to you guys improving Silverlight's Point Cloud performance, quality, and halos to match or even exceed the Direct3D viewer's. This Courthouse is still work in progress... I need 64-bit Windows, lots more RAM, much faster CPU, and a much faster connection for uploads! :(
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