Victoria Theater and Concert Hall, Singapore



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The Victoria Theater and Concert Hall is a historical building complex in Singapore's civic center.

The building's architecture influences is reminiscent with the Victorian Revivalism which was occurring in Britain during the 1860's when the initial foundations of this building complex was laid down. The clock tower was completed in 1906.

During World War II, this complex was used as a hospital, and was fortunate enough to be spared from damage from Japanese bombardment during the Battle of Singapore (8 Dec 1941-15 Feb 1942). At the end of World War 2, this complex was the venue for war crimes trials.

It was restored in the 1970s as a concert hall, with a total seating capacity of more than 1700. It used to be the venue for the Singapore Symphony Orchestra until 2002 when the Esplanade Theaters by the Bay opened.
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