Carwynnen Quoit



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The monument includes a portal dolmen, known locally as 'The Giant's Quoit' or 'The Giant's Frying Pan', situated on a gentle west-facing slope between two small tributaries to the Red River. The portal dolmen survives as a collapsed chamber originally formed by a capstone and three upright stones which stood to a height of 1.5m. It collapsed in the 19th century. The chamber was rebuilt, but collapsed again in 1967. The capstone measures approximately 3.3m long by 2.5m wide and 0.3m thick. Two of the former supports, up to 2.7m long, now rest on top of it with the third lying beneath. Further stones surrounding the portal dolmen are the result of field clearance. It was first described and sketched by Borlase in the 18th century. (courtesy of the Heritage Gateway). The quoit was purchased recently by the Sustainable Trust who are currently working closely with archaeologists and organisations such as English Heritage amd plans are afoot to try to restore the quoit (Sustrust, 2012).
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