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Panorama of the interior of a family tomb along the quaries of Gabel el Silsilah. The tomb faced the rising sun and Nile. It was designed to flood when the Nile would rise. The flooding waters would bring fresh silt symbolizing fertility that the family would need in the afterlife. This image was taken as part of the French Channel 3 Television show “Le secret des Pharaons bâtisseurs” on “Des Racines & Des Ailes” and the National Geographic Channel special “Sunken Treasures of the Nile” You can read more about it here,
Megapixels 236.75
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Date Created 8/3/2010

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mattu Over 1 year ago
Amazing location for a 360 - interesting things to look at up, down, and all around.
xRez_Studio Over 1 year ago
Thanks Matt!I love being able to add the thumbs and descriptions it really helps to tell the stories of the site.
misu-misu Over 1 year ago
well done.
I didn't know you could do that in photosynth. what software did you use to create this spherical image? the best I could do was HDmake plug-in for photoshop, but the result is not close to this. I stitched a equirectangular image using ptgui and then exported it via phohtoshop but it does not allow full tilt up or down and shows patterns near zenith or nadir.
how did you do it?
xRez_Studio Over 1 year ago
Well it was a little tricky because I wanted to remove the tripod from the scene and this is not a built in function of ICE.

First I stitched the image in PT GUI, removed the tripod below me and rendered it spherically. I then opened that rendered spherical image in PT GUI and re-renedered about 20 normal rectlinear images with a great deal of overlap. I fed these images to ICE.
misu-misu Over 1 year ago
I also did that but only rendered 6 cube faces, 100' each and then 4 vertical slices, 100'x180'. none of these produced a decent spherical panorama. I will try again following your advice.
thank you so much!
misu-misu Over 1 year ago
I also wanted to ask about a way to convert point cloud to polygon structure. you mentioned that related to a project in Egipt. is there any way to do that?
ashomsky Over 1 year ago
Is there an easy way to create tiles from PTGui, or do you do each one manually? I'm well versed in making spherical panoramas in PTGui. It seems ridiculous to have to go to these lengths to "trick" ICE into stitching together a panorama that has already been stitched by a far more capable program so that it can then be uploaded to
ashomsky Over 1 year ago
Never mind, I found out there's a Photosynth Export Plug-in for Photoshop and you can now upload your panoramas directly from photoshop.
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