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A collection of stories from children in orphanage homes in various countries in Africa.

The essays shine a rare spotlight on an aspect of life not often seen or expected in these children, that is there hopes and dreams even in the face of stark poverty. Their stories are an encouragement to us to help to see these dreams come true.
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Date Created 2/22/2009

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lostinthetriangle Over 1 year ago
"These will never synth" was my first thought when I looked at this. Then I started to look at the pictures and read some of the stories...........very touching, and sad..........

Then it occurred to me, photosynth is a good program for viewing, and reading documents as well.
The ability to zoom in and move around single flat pictures with no point cloud.
Oh wow, I thought the point cloud was everything............not always it seems!
siblog Over 1 year ago
Exactly! Absolutely Wonderful use of photosynth.
Bert Over 1 year ago
Very compelling stuff, thank you for sharing.
Marvin Over 1 year ago
This is certainly very different from your average synth. Thank you for sharing.
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