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Date Created 2/27/2010

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K Over 1 year ago
That is too cool! Switch to overhead view (hit T for the shortcut) and you can see the structure of the whole tube. I'm impressed! It's kind of hard to navigate though, would you mind adding some highlights? While you're at it a geocode would let people find this on the map.
Void23 Over 1 year ago
This was an attempt to "fix" a previous synth of the same lava tube by taking some more photos of area I thought was the weekest. Although it shows up as "100% Synthy", It looks like I didn't get enough overlap in a few places, so the point cloud is broken into several chunks. To get the entire tube to show up in overhead mode, I'll probably have to wait a few months until the snow melts, then go back and rephotograph the outside parts of the tube.
I'll probably erase this synth in a few days, but the first one I did, highlighted and geotagged, is still up with the rest of my synths.
TonyErnst Over 1 year ago
Glad you came back to this Void23. Cant wait to see the final version
amn.hodge Over 1 year ago
Very very good. I've only been into spelunking for a few months now, with less than 5 caves under my belt, and this really gets me pumped up for more
stschoener Over 1 year ago
This is soooo amazing! Impressive how deep you went in.
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