My dirty room



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Date Created 8/27/2008

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Scottt Over 1 year ago
Art-Kun, thanks for sharing your synth with "the world". I found that it was quite interesting to view and to try to figure out where your located by the contents in the photos. I think aside from the geo-encoding, the letter from Microsoft gave that way (the cancellation stamp). ;-) And no, I would have to disagree with you; your room is not dirty, but instead it is filled with so many intricate details and personal character. I cannot even say that it is even cluttered, for everything appears to be well organized. Congratulations on a well done synth! The only thing that has me puzzled and curious are the bars...
KevinH Over 1 year ago
Time in this synth (from the silver wrist watch) 5 seconds to 5:00.

Anyone else find anything interesting? This whole synth is like a game of "Where's Waldo!"
stan3less Over 1 year ago
just awesome, очень карашо^^
Nathanael Over 1 year ago
Ark-Kun, or Fduch,

Apologies for hijacking your comments here, but I would absolutely love to take a look at your offline Photosynth viewer if you would be kind enough to email the code and a readme to I know how to archive my synth files but not the correct folder structure to unzip them in or how to get any of the Photosynth viewers to load the DZC (or anything else) and would love any advice you have for me.

This is a great synth, by the by. A true classic.
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