Sea Cave geocache adventure



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Met up with darinrmcclure and headed out to the geocache called Sea Cave (GC1KBVM).
Really low tide and LOTS of people all over the beach.

Got to the cave and did a through search. We ended up at one specific spot. After a deep search, we decided it was gone. Just then we heard a voice say "did you find it?" It was the owner coming to check on all the DNF's from yesterday.

We signed the replacement cache the owner brought and spent some time shooting pictures of the area. Check out this PhotoSynth of the Sea Cave site

Thanks for the great hide in a great spot. Nice day for the walk on the beach. Too bad dogs are not OFFICIALLY allowed. PhotoSynth of the walk along the beach
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Date Created 1/25/2009

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briaudrey Over 1 year ago
This is awesome!! Great Pictures!
brotherprinter Over 1 year ago
This one is really great. Add some details about it!
planetsurfur07 Over 1 year ago
Pretty good one!! I like the point cloud as well! I've been trying to build a good point cloud of some caves but obviously photosynth doesnt allow a whole lot of pictures to be uploaded. Check mine out. See what ya think!
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