Apollo 17 - 28th Revolution



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Date Created 8/22/2008

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panovoyant Over 1 year ago
What an excellent idea for a synth, and such a fascinating result!
LarryLa Over 1 year ago
Thanks, try hitting the "A" key on your keyboard to see it from the side.
gaph2000 Over 1 year ago
I don't understand, What is it? Are they pictures from a satalite revolving around th diameter of the moon?
LarryLa Over 1 year ago
While the Apollo 17 guys were on the surface of the moon, poor old Stuart Roosa (probably never heard of him for this reason) orbited the moon 75 times in the Command Module. During this time he shot high resolution (well, high res for 1972) images of the surface of the moon. This is the 28th orbit photosynthed together.
GWF Over 1 year ago
Just amazing. Thanks for sharing this.
leftblank Over 1 year ago
Thanks for doing this... I was about to try this on the Apollo metric camera data myself to see what would happen, and you save me the time. :)
(And the results are fantastic!)
lunarsightings Over 1 year ago
Very cool synth!
K Over 1 year ago
This is still one of my favorites. I want to see all 75 rotations in one giant moon synth!

Side note, if you look at this from the side the reconstruction is wrong because the photos don't have exif data (or might have incorrect data I can't remember). If that was fixed it should come out correctly in a circle.
TonyErnst Over 1 year ago
Where did you get the images for this? Does NASA have this easily accessible on the web somewhere?
curtisy1 Over 1 year ago
Wonderful! My first download, and first view. What a lovely idea. Welldone. Robyn
Planet_Palm_Beach Over 1 year ago
that would be crazy to see an entire synth of the moon!
kcsharma_fiji Over 1 year ago
It fantastic, history in the making every second, appreciations to NASA and the USA Government
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