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Sembawang Park:

Sembawang Park is located at the north of Singapore facing Johore straits. It has an area of 15 hectare. It has one of the few natural sandy beaches remaining in Singapore. The park has facilities such as barbecue pits, restroom and playground. People come to the park for jogging, cycling, fishing and camping.

Sembawang Park is previously occupied by the British Forces. Thus, the park has many historical connections with the naval history. The walkways in the park are also restored from the old pathways used during the British occupation.

The Sembawang jetty to the north of the park is built in 1940s. The project is pioneered by the British and completed by the Japanese during World War II. It is currently a popular fishing location. One can also catch flower crabs from the jetty.

The Beaulieu House is built in 1910s at the hill top. Around 1923, the house has been used by the British for residence purpose during the operation of the Naval Base. Currently, the house is gazetted as a conservation building by the Urban Redevelopment Authority. People are able to dine at the Beaulieu House restaurant while enjoying the beautiful architecture designs and sea view.

The Sembawang Shipyard can be viewed from the west part of the park. The shipyard is operated as a British Naval Base from 1938 to 1968.

One can get there by taking bus 882 from Sembawang Bus Interchange next to Sembawang MRT station.
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Nathanael Over 1 year ago

You did very well with your coverage. I'm actually quite impressed with the distance that your pointcloud covers with only 500 photos and the quality of it as well.
Cindylow Over 1 year ago
Thank you.
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