Acaray Sector A Point Cloud for DEM test



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This synth is part of my efforts to generate a point cloud for export to DEM that is in real world coordinates. The photographs were taken with a Canon G11 and downsampled to roughtly 3.8 megapixels. Cones were used as control point targets. The real world coordinates of the cones were established by a ProXRT GPS with Omnistar (10cm accuracy).

IIt took about 15 minutes to set out the cones, another 15 minutes to take the photos, and another 10 minutes to collect the GPS data on the 12 cones. While the point cloud has a suitable density, I did not get very good recognition of the control point targets (the cones). If anyone has suggestoins for better photo-targets to use in these contexts, I would be very grateful for comments or suggestions. Perhaps it would have been good to take additional photos of the targets with a zoom lens?
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Date Created 1/31/2010

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sir_ivar Over 1 year ago
Nathan, we should compare notes sometime. Your work is similar to some I've done in the highlands of Ecuador. -Mark
Nathan.Craig Over 1 year ago
Hi Mark,

I would very much like to compare notes. I think we've been exchanging ideas over at the KAP website. I am very impressed with the work you have been doing. I hope we can keep the conversation going. Regards-Nathan
pdepartida Over 1 year ago
I`m thinking that you should run the pictures into PMSV2. The GCP markers will show up there.
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