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Here's the team that made the first version of Photosynth. We are a couple of dozen scientists, engineers, and designers having the time of our lives. Some fun things to notice in this synth: Hand-made white "quads" are easy to spot, but can you find a green stuffed "halo" that Abra Soule made? Hint: you can only see part of it behind one of the heros of the synther, Drew Steedly. And check out the dictionary that Joshua Podolak is reading. What entry is he looking at? We're at our favorite Pioneer Square coffee shop, Zeitgeist. It's on the corner of 2nd and Jackson, so drop by when you're in Seattle. (Photography by Bill Crow)
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Date Created 7/19/2008

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jldt706 Over 1 year ago
Amazing stuff you got here!
Ladybug Over 1 year ago
You guys are the best. Thank You all!
DarkD Over 1 year ago
lol look at the dictionary
Amazing how far you can zoom in.
How many pixels does these photos have?
Shalihmysynth Over 1 year ago
nice work
David-Photosynth-Team Over 1 year ago
DarkD: I think they're all 20 megapixel shots from a full-frame Canon.
microsoft-fan1 Over 1 year ago
love it you guys rock keep it up
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