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Tucson, Arizona, a view from "A" Mountain (Sentinel Peak, West of the city). A composite stitch, viewing N to NE 139.1 H. x 70.6 V. degrees. Rotating motion, 66 image, horizontal sphere. B&W wider view low res photo.

Cityscape- Tucson, AZ, USA. Composite made up of 66 pictures all taken with my cell phone's camera, from top of "A" Mountain, which is just southwest of downtown Tucson. The photo's left side is looking towards north, and to the right is east-southeast. Just beyond downtown Tucson and a bit to its right in the distance is the Redington Pass trail, which runs between the Rincon Mt range to the east and the majestic Catalina range to the north. From Tucson both both mountains appear to the uninitiated as if barren hills of geo-heaved rock mass. This, however, would be a discption that's pretty far from acurate. The Gen. Hitchcock Highway drive up the Catalina's (aka: Mt Lemmon Hwy), weaves through every Geo Life Zone from our Desertscrub Zone base elev. of 2180 ft. to the roads ending 35 miles later whether in the town of Winterheaven, or, at top of Mt. Lemmon, 9157 ft elev. either area you are in a Coniferous Forest; Canadian Life Zone catogorically.
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Date Created 10/15/2010

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