Rinconda/Las Pilitas Bridge c 1917



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mattu Over 1 year ago
Great result.

Would love to hear more details on your workflow, gigapan? stitching software? post-processing?
RELE Over 1 year ago
Here ya go Matt:


Manfrotto 303SPH manual pano-head
Canon 40D
Tokina 12-24mm at 24mm
Promote trigger (for 5 shot HDR)

305 shots (5 HDR shots for each of 61 fields)

Lightroom 3.6
Photomatrix Pro 3.2
Microsoft I.C.E.
RELE Over 1 year ago
Exposure was set for the fullest range then backed off 2/3 off a stop to boost saturation. That shutter setting is then used for the Promote with a 5 shot bracket.

Set the rig in a site where the lens will be protected from flare, in this case, an up-right beam was used to block the sun. Shots were taken at 24 degree intervals horizontally and 30 degree intervals vertically.

Using Adobe Lightroom, the color-space, exposure, and sharpness setting are fine-tuned and a series of 305 TIF files are exported.

These 305 TIF files are then run through a few tests in Photomatrix Pro to obtain the best looking “Exposure Fusion” result, and those settings are then used to batch process all of the 305 images into 61 final TIF fields for use in Microsoft ICE.

In MS ICE, the 61 images were processed via the: “File-> New Structured Panorama” pull-down, and run as a zig-zag, 360 pano with auto alignment.
RELE Over 1 year ago
Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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