Manor Farmhouse, Hambledon



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This building dates to 1244 and 1473. The floor joists here are the earliest dendro dates so far obtained in Hampshire. It was originally a country residence of the bishops of Winchester during the Middle Ages. It forms a first floor hall.
This roof is very rare and has hardly been seen for nearly 750 years
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dariusmonsef Over 1 year ago
Doesn't look like there was a door into this house / room... It also looks like is some modern brick work... has this structure been renovated or built onto?
MedievalArchitecture Over 1 year ago
the door is in the far right corner, now boarded up. It was a first floor hall with flint walls. One of the walls (the one with the modern window) fell down and was shored up and made good. The door leads to a service wing that was built in the following century
MedievalArchitecture Over 1 year ago
When I say far right corner, i mean the corner that is immediately behind you in the starting image
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