Microsoft UK Campus, Thames valley Park



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This is where I work :-)

The photos were shot on 3 different days in 2007 (May 1st, April 30th, and March 27th) and with a view to working with one of the early prototypes of photosynth. That version did not do very well at joining the pictures together. This was built with the first public release which did rather better. Interesting the march shoot was 173 Photos, 89% sythy - 154 made it to the synth. The April/May shoot was 168 photos and 38% synthy - so 64 made it to the synth. Taken together the 341 are 68% sythy - 232 pictures made it to this synth against the 218 when the two are done in parts.
Synthy 68%
Views 353
Favorites 1
Photos 341
Date Created 8/25/2008

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BalazsLudmany Over 1 year ago
It's a very interesting synth, but it would be good an indoor synth.
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