Broadway from Broadway Tower



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Visibility was quite poor, but the glider was a nice surprise.
Gigapixels 5.21
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Date Created 11/12/2012

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ashinms Over 1 year ago
Five gigapixels. Wow.
Lieutenant Over 1 year ago
Hi,Martin,This picture is the PSB file spliced ​​into it?PHOTOSHOP plug-in to upload it?Pixel how so large?I uploaded the photo pixels never been to 2 Gigapixels, stitching photos leaflets capacity than 15G, you know why?Leaflets stitching photos capacity of more than 20G if you can not upload site, is not the case?
Martin_Kulhavy Over 1 year ago
I used Photoshop plug in to upload the photo. There were no problems with it and I never experienced any errors in Photoshop with any size limitations.
Lieutenant Over 1 year ago
A mosaic photo capacity reached 13.8G, is synthesized by the 233 photos uploaded to the pixels on the site is only 1.52 GIGAPIXELS PHOTOSHOP plug, do not know why?
Martin_Kulhavy Over 1 year ago
Not sure that I understand your question. My process is simple. Create the panorama in PTGui, open it in Photoshop and use the Photosynth upload plug-in to save it to Photosynth. Is your problem in PTGui or do you use ICE?
Lieutenant Over 1 year ago
I mean I mosaic photo capacity is big, but the pixel value could not break 2 Gigapixels. And "Gigapixels" mean?
m.loizou Over 1 year ago
I absolutely love this work of yours. All the towers around the area, the little plane gliding along the horizon and the sheeps grazing and relaxing at the far left of the panorama. Briliant job.
Martin_Kulhavy Over 1 year ago
There is relation between the resolution (in GPix) and the size (in GB), but the size also depends on other things, like compression, whether the file is saved layered on unlayered, ...You can easily estimate the resolution of the panorama by: (number of photos) x (one photo resolution) x 0.7 (overlap).
andreamorgen Over 1 year ago
Hello world, I am new at this page, who can show me some interessting pics about genetic themes, or some like this.
JohnWKnight Over 1 year ago
Absolutely awesome. I wonder where the limit is on how large these panoramas can get.
MagiView Over 1 year ago
This again is a masterpiece, Martin. Congratulations!
panoramasam3 Over 1 year ago
That is incredible quality. Kudos to you!
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